On 118th Avenue North just West of Belcher Road

Florida Workshop/Warehouse Center is made up of thirty-seven workshop/warehouse units: one 600 SF, twenty-five 1800 SF (30' x 60'), one 2400 SF, six 3000 SF (60' x 50'), and two 3600 SF (60' x 60') units. These units are constructed of concrete block with an insulated metal roof. The ceiling is 16'6" high at its lowest point. All 1800 SF units and the 2400 SF unit have two overhead 10' x 12' roll-up door. The 3000 SF units have two 12' x 12' overhead roll-up doors. The 3600 SF units each have four 12' x 12' overhead roll-up doors. The 600 SF unit has only one 12' x 10' overhead roll-up door. Each unit has two pedestrian doors except for the 600 SF unit which only has one. All driveways and parking areas are paved with concrete. Each workshop/warehouse unit features at least one finished office. Our larger 3000 SF and 3600 SF floor plans have additional finished space available in some units. All units have a bathroom, a laundry tub sink, electrical outlets around the inside perimeter wall of the shop, skylights, a roof ventilator, and a sealed and coated concrete floor. Some units have been upgraded with 3-phase electric panels, central HVAC, and additional build-out. For more information please Contact Us.

If you are interested in leasing space at Florida Workshop/Warehouse Center, please complete the Leasing Application.

Lease Plan
Buildings A & B Floor Plan
Buildings C, D, E, & F Floor Plans
Building A Addressing
Unit 18080Unit 38088
Unit 28084
Building B Addressing
Unit 18092Unit 38096
Unit 28094Unit 48098
Building C Addressing
Unit 18038Unit 58046
Unit 28040Unit 68048
Unit 38042Unit 78050
Unit 48044
Building D Addressing
Unit 18052Unit 58060
Unit 28054Unit 68062
Unit 38056Unit 78064
Unit 48058
Building E Addressing
Unit 18000Unit 58010
Unit 28002Unit 6A8012
Unit 3A8004Unit 6B8014
Unit 3B8006Unit 78016
Unit 48008
Building F Addressing
Unit 1A8020Unit 3A8028
Unit 1B8022Unit 3B8030
Unit 2A8024Unit 48034
Unit 2B8026
118th Avenue North
Largo, FL 33771