Our Workshop/Warehouse Centers were developed by Lurie Properties, a group of real estate acquisitions and developments in Pinellas County, Florida that began in the late 1950s. Early on, we developed and leased single family homes, rental apartments, and residential subdivisions. In the 1980s, we changed our to focus on commercial properties and developed Kreative Kids Learning Center, Oakhurst Suburban Center and Portobello Square Shopping Center.

In 1995, development and leasing of what are now four Workshop/Warehouse Centers began, all of which are located in Pinellas County, Florida, (two on Ulmerton Road and two on 118th Avenue North). We have more than 100 Workshop/Warehouse, Showroom/Warehouse, and retail Showroom rental units of various sizes and build-outs in our centers.

  • Our buildings are constructed of masonry with an insulated metal roof for extreme durability and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Each warehouse has a minimum of two skylights and at least two windows to allow for natural light.
  • Each unit's roof has a ventilator allowing hot air to escape moderating the heat of the summer months. (The ventilator may be closed for units with a central HVAC system installed.)
  • Each shop has a sealed and coated concrete floor.
  • All driveways and parking areas are paved with concrete.
  • Warehouse ceilings are 16' high at their lowest point.
  • 1200 SF and 1500 SF units feature a single 10' x 12' roll-up door.
  • 1560 SF units feature two 10' x 12' roll-up doors in the front.
  • 1800 SF units feature two 10' x 12' roll-up doors, one in the front and one in the rear.
  • 3000 SF units feature two 12' x 12' roll-up doors in the front.
  • 3600 SF units feature four 12' x 12' roll-up doors, two in the front and two in the rear.
  • All units have a 10' x 12' finished office.
  • A private restroom is available in each unit adjacent to the finished office.
  • The warehouse area of each unit features a laundry tub sink and electrical outlets all around the perimeter.
  • Our units feature "knock-outs" between them to allow for easy growth and expansion.
  • Some units have been upgraded with 3-phase electric service, a central HVAC system, and/or additional build-out.